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Kyanite Spears


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Kyanite swords, also called kyanite spears.  are wonderful stones that aids in attuning and balancing your chakras. They boosts communication and self-expression, opening up the spiritual and psychological realms, and they clear away any miscommunication and confusion. One of the most fabulous aspects of Kyanite spears is that they never need to be cleared! They are self-clearing and will not hold onto any negative energy or vibrations. Kyanite spears help you clear your path of any obstructions and fortify you with the strength to power on. Great stones for public speakers or performers!

Use Kyanite to attune your chakras. They are excellent for clearing you, your space, and others. Place them by your doorways to counteract any negativity that may try to enter. Kyanite helps to clear your throat chakra.