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Rumi says it best: “Let the Beauty we Love be what we do!”

Meet the Tumbled Stones Team:

Tumbled-Stones, a Balsamic Moon company, is a mother-daughter owned business inspired in 1999 by our natural gemstone jewelry business, Balsamic Moon, and by the stones themselves. We live, work, and play in the awesome wine country of Northern California.

Tumbled Stones staff

Joanie is a proud mom and the visionary behind this venture. She founded Balsamic Moon in 1999 and in 2005 came up with the brilliant idea to sell tumbled stones in one ounce bags, and thus Tumbled-Stones.com was born!  Rhiannon, her younger daughter, is finishing her Masters degree in English Literature with the intention to teach college-level English. (She’s currently teaching freshman English and absolutely LOVING it)! Although she has worked with Joanie on Tumbled Stones since its inception, she is in the process of learning its finer intricacies in order to take over so that Joanie can follow her bliss and do nothing but paint, paint, paint!

A simple 4-week painting class in 2007 forever changed Joanie’s life, and she is now a full-time painter – teaching locally and privately, as well as developing her online tutorials. She is thrilled to have her paintings collected locally, nationally, and internationally. See her amazing artwork here:



What We Love and What We Support

Ever lovers of our precious animal friends, above are some pics of our feline muses: That’s Po Monster and Harley J. Pants (aka Mr. Pants) on top, and moving clockwise we have Blossom, and lastly, little Fifiona.

We feel blessed to give a portion of our profits to local feline and animal rescue centers, since we’re passionate about our cats and animal welfare. We know that to be blessed is to give back.  It’s a circle, one can’t happen without the other.  And no doubt about it, we LOVE what we do here at Tumbled-Stones.com!